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Being Swiss, its only natural that I am a big fan of beer.  But I have to admit, I wasn’t always an aficionado, it was an acquired taste… and naturally, I acquired that taste in college (my very first day in fact).  Of course in college, one doesn’t truly enjoy the beer as much as its effects.   Having put those wilder days behind me, I have come to appreciate the flavor and ambiance of having a tall cold one with friends.

Did you know that beer is actually very healthy for you… in moderation, of course.  Here are some interesting health facts about beer that you may not have been aware of…

1)   it increases cognitive ability

2)   It helps prevent diabetes 

3)   Beer drinkers live longer

4)   It lowers your risk for heart attack  

5)   It lowers your risk for kidney stones

With all those health benefits, I figure its time for me to start drinking regularly again! – notice I said “regularly”, not “heavily” –  In fact, I’ve decided to bring back an old tradition my roommates and I had in college… Try New Beer Night.  Every so often I will be spotlighting various beers and the breweries that produce them.  This month’s beer is Yuengling Lager.




Yuengling is made in Pottsville, PA and is famous for being the oldest brewery in the America and the favorite beer of President Obama.     I’ve always found you can’t go wrong when ordering this beer… it just tastes great in any season or situation.  It has a nice amber/caramel color with a pleasant aroma and goes down smooth.  With an alcohol content of only 4.4% and priced at just over $1/bottle, it won’t drain your wallet or your brain cells.