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So how does one get this face to face shot of four African Lions without getting eaten?  You sit really, really still.

Well, no… not quite.

If you’re an experienced wildlife photographer like Chris McLennan, you design and fabricate your own remote control range rover complete with a Nikon D800 and operate from a safe distance.    Chris is a New Zealand based commercial photographer famous for his adventure and wildlife photography who offers the opportunity to tour with him in Alaska, Botswana and Norway among other places.

To get this shot, Chris had built a remote car (affectionately named as “Car-L”) around an Aquatech sound blimp.  The blimp serves two purposes… it muffles the sound of the shutter so as not to startle the lions while at the same time (and more importantly), protects the camera from being destroyed by said lions.

Enjoy the vid and be sure to checkout Chris’ website and facebook page.